May 24, 2010

Cameron Robert

Awe.....Here's Cameron!!! He is so stinking cute!!! He's only 2 weeks old :) This was my first time working with a new born!!!! I LOVED IT!!!!!

Austin (Senior Pictures)

My nephew Austin is graduating from Clearfield High School!!!! "Congrats Aust, you are such a STUD!!! We are so proud of you!!!"


This is one SMART little boy, and he is SO ADORABLE!!! We went down to the Union Station to take his pictures. He loved the trains!!!! His mom is one of my very close friends. It was so nice to see her; I very rarely get a chance to. "Lisa, you have the cutest boy ever!!!"

May 12, 2010

Brandi and her Family

Here's Brandi with her Family!!! They were so much fun!!! I grew up with Brandi; she was like a sister. It was so nice to see her after so long :) We did their pictures down at the Union Station. I haven't been there in forever. "Thank you so much Brandi! it was so nice to see all of you!!!"

May 4, 2010